Choose ESR, choose... Elena Salas, but who is she?

Well, she is a translator who...

Since an early age developed an interest in learning the language of the Beatles, only to later on in her youth discover the greatness of Britain and its culture. That is why she decided to study for a degree in Translation and Interpretation. She was lucky, and hardworking enough, to complete the four year course through the European leading Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of Granada in Spain. Her teachers were a daily source of inspiration and motivation and they deserve some type of acknowledging here.

She chose Economics and Legal translation and Conference Interpretation as main subjects of specialisation. Her student experience was enriched by several facts, including frequent studies visits to the UK and real translation assignments undertaken whilst she was still at university.

Ultimately she carries out website, legal, academic and also technical translations in the field of high end electronic components.

As a complement to any kind of translation, she is confident enough and has the skills to upload your contents on to your website and save you some time.


 And a tutor

Before she decided to settle in the UK, she studied for a Postgraduate Master in Education and later was awarded the Qualified Teacher Status in England and Wales. She has taught both her mother tongue and English to different audiences since 2006 and developed her own personal style to keep learners keen. Currently she combines private tuition with Spanish courses in adult education for the City of York council.

Lately and as part of her professional development plan, she has attended an intensive teacher training course at the Cervantes Institute in Leeds, UK.

Let her know your reason to learn her language and she will tailor a learning plan for you, to achieve your expectations in a reasonable but realistic length of time. she also provides online support and lessons. Do you have a Skype account? so does she!

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